When I became a board member in 2007, I asked when the first meeting had been held. The response was ‘sometime in the 50’s, I think’. Wishing for a more precise answer, I was pointed in the direction of “the archives”, a motley collection of old log books, and cautioned by fellow board member at the time, Jacki Weaver, that I would rue my pedantry. Two years later, these findings have been refined to a less pedantic and far more readable form thanks to the input of acclaimed author and fellow board member, Judy Nunn. Unlike her novels which are thoroughly researched, the sole reference is an incomplete series of minuted monthly ABF meetings of the last 65 years. I have roughly notarised these minutes and apologise in advance for any omissions and errors in transcription.

To the many board members, donors and volunteers whose work goes unrecorded here, sincere apologies. Should anyone care to further research the “ABF Archives”, more detailed references could be uncovered. Till then, in the interests of brevity and art, Judy Nunn and I present you....... (drumroll)...............

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