CAUSE CELEB - The Return Season

Sunday 17 September 2017 at The Opera Centre.
This popular indoor picnic and Cabaret returns by popular demand and will be directed by Tyran Parke. Tickets will be available on Event Brite from July 1



One of our main fundraising activities is “bucketing” theatre audiences...we stand in theatre foyers with buckets and ask the audiences to contribute to the Fund when leaving the theatre. An actor from the each bucketed show makes a speech to the audience after the curtain call appealing for donations.

We have also benefited from charity performances, receive direct donations and bequests, and have all purpose cards for sale featuring an image of Ginger Meggs painted by renowned artist Martin Sharp. The original painting is owned by the Fund. Cards are $20 (postage included) for a pack of 10 including envelopes.


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If you’d like to volunteer your services to help us please send an email to with details.




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