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The Actors Benevolent Fund of NSW Incorporated has been in existence since 1944. It is a non-profit charitable organization and is administered entirely by a Management Committee of volunteers from the entertainment industry. The Fund’s function is to provide assistance to professional performers, both young and old, who, due to injury, illness or disability are unable to work, either temporarily or in some cases for the rest of their lives.

Assistance is offered in many forms, both financial and practical. Dependent upon various needs, beneficiaries may receive one off or monthly grants. Alternatively, medical expenses may be directly met by the Fund, pharmaceutical bills settled, or essential items purchased. In some cases, there may also be provision available for the care of children or family dependants of those performers in need.

A bond of confidentiality exists within the Fund. The identities of recipients are never disclosed, but many are, or have been, household names who have devoted their lives to the entertainment of others. The generosity of performers, as everyone knows, is legendary. Over the years, actors, singers, dancers, comedians and variety entertainers have willingly offered their services free of charge at telethons, charity concerts, and every conceivable form of fund raising event. The Actors Benevolent Fund redresses the balance. It’s a grand organization. It’s about performers helping performers.



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Tuesday 25th July
6.30pm for drinks
Cinema 3, Dendy Quays, Circular Quay.

Cost: $30 per head

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